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The Medi Community Resource Center (CRC) is a virtual support center dedicated to helping social service organizations develop a culture of collaboration through education and use of technology. The goal of the CRC is to connect the community to social services, using technology to exchange social service information. This exchange is not only efficient but more importantly is safer, timelier, effective, equitable, and person-centered.

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Introducing the Opioid Collaborative, a partnership of eight respected organizations, including The Medi. Together we're transforming prevention, treatment, and recovery.

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The Medi Community Engagements are a series of local and regional events to advance collaboration among community healthcare stakeholders.  While there are several great initiatives occurring in many towns and cities across the country, barriers still remain that prevent many programs from addressing much of the underlying social needs of the people they serve.  It is our hope that our community engagements will help to foster an environment for community organizations to work together by sharing ideas and educating each other about the work they do so these barriers can be overcome


Thank you for supporting The Medi as we work to grow the Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhoods by conducting regional forums, panel discussions and workshops to bring awareness of changes in the healthcare ecosystem that impacts patients, families, and consumers.

Advisory Board

Adrian Castro, MD

Castro Pediatrics

Audrey Whetsell, MA, CPHIT, PCMH-CCE

The Medi Awards Founder

Bernardine M. Lacey, PhD


Calessia A. Hussein, DrPH

Health Equity Consultant

Doreen Moreira, MD

Edith P. Mitchell, MD, FACP

Complementary & Integrative Medicine

Thomas Jefferson University

Edwin C. Chapman, MD

E. Michael Eziri, MD

Internal & Addiction Medicine

Pulmonary Clinic of
The Carolinas

Evelyn DeLaine-Hart, PhD

Evelyn Lewis, MD, MA, FAAFP, DABDA

Garcia Williams

Glenda Wrenn, MD

CEO, Cg3 Associates, LLC

Executive Director at Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation

Executive Director

Internal & Addiction Medicine

Gloria Richard-Davis, MD

Jann Keenan, ED. S

Kashyap Patel, MD

Laura B. Long,

Univ. of Arkansas Medical Sciences

The Keenan Group, Inc.

Carolina Blood and
Cancer Center

The Long View, LLC, CEO

Lemar Marshall

Marshall Spurlock

Paula Orr, MD

Roger S. Clark, MBA

North Oaks OBGYN, COO

Marko & Associates, LLC

Charleston Women’s Wellness
Center OBGYN

Advisory Board Chair

Shirley Nathan-Pulliam

Susan Burroughs, FACHE

Susan Haeger

Thomas A. LaVeist, Ph.D

State Senator of Maryland

Chief Operating Officer Kershaw Health

Transformative Health
Solutions Group

Milken Institute School
of Public Health
The George Washinton University

4975 LaCross Road, Suite 153 North Charleston, SC 29406

843.718.3700 | 866.643.9237 fax

The Medi, Inc., is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax ID 81-1430762.

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