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How social determinants of health are affecting under-served populations in our community, from the experts

EPISODE #36 | 9:30 AM Monday, January 25, 2021
Solutions for survival: social media, streaming platforms, & multiple generations
Guest expert: Rev. Dr. Krystal Sears, pioneering technology expert

Join popular WJNI radio host Terry Base, The Medi's Garcia Williams, and the Rev. Dr. Krystal Sears, for a conversation about the social determinants of health! On Monday morning, January 25, they discussed ways to use technology to engage multiple generations - something Rev. Dr. Sears helped pioneer in her field - without drowning them in it during a time virtual meetings are everywhere. 


Almost two years ago, in March of 2018, Rev. Dr. Sears was appointed the first female pastor of Greater St. Luke AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, one of the leading churches of the Kingstree District in the Palmetto Conference. Even after such a short time into her tenure, she has witnessed church growth as a result of harnessing innovation and technology to engage multiple generations. 


Early in her pastoral career, she began focusing on generational engagement by offering Christian Education Moments during worship. The lessons challenged popular culture and traditions in light of sound biblical interpretation. Soon, people outside her church approached her about gaining access to her educational tools. 


In response, she created an online prerecorded Christian education series titled "Say What Now," which today reaches more than 22,000 followers on Facebook across multiple countries and broadcasts in select TV markets on the Christian Television Network (CTN). 


Upon her arrival at Greater St. Luke, she immediately began to utilize technology to enhance its worship service and ministries. According to the National Congregations Study published in 2015, churches are increasingly using technology, such as using visual projections during worship or offering an online presence via a website or Facebook page or group. 


During the pandemic, though, Rev. Dr. Sears also cautions parishioners and the community alike on the perils of technology. With virtual operations in place for worship, personal, *and* professional engagements, it's all too easy to drown in technology. Her insights will provide valuable lessons and solutions for how we can plan for technology's better use and application.

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