Social Determinants of Health

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What Does Technology Have to Do with Health Disparities?

SPECIAL GUESTS | M. Chris Gibbons, MD, John Hopkins Urban Health Institute

05.17.21 | WJNI Gospel Radio 106.3 FM | MEDI MONDAYS with host Terry Base

Tobacco and the Black Community

SPECIAL GUESTS | Crystal Rouse and LaShandra Morgan, National Council of Negro Women: Bethune Leonard

05.17.21 | WJNI Gospel Radio 106.3 FM | MEDI MONDAYS with host Terry Base

Menthol and the Black Community

SPECIAL GUEST | April Lott, spokesperson for the National Council of Negro Women: Bethune Leonard

05.10.21 | WJNI Gospel Radio 106.3 FM | MEDI MONDAYS with host Terry Base

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The COVID-19 Vaccine & the African American Community | Guest: Dr. Paula Orr, Charleston Women's Wellness Center  | 02.15.21

It's Time to Stop the Spread of the Deadliest Virus in US History | Guest: Anton Gunn, Former Presidential Senior Advisor | 02.08.21

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Community Participatory Research & Social Determinants | Guest: Roger Clark, John Hopkins Research Advisory Council | 01.18.20

A Board-Certified Oncologist on COVID and Cancer Patients | Guest: Dr. Kashyap Patel, International Oncology Network | 12.14.20

A Local Physician on the Current State of COVID-19 Vaccines | Guest: Dr. Thaddeus Bell, Closing the Gap in Healthcare | 12.07.20

Community Check: What Did YOU Do for Thanksgiving? | Guests: You! Our listeners called in, and we fielded the calls | 11.30.20

Tweaking Your Thanksgiving to Keep Your Family Safe from COVID-19 | Guest: Dr. Linda Bell, SC State Epidemiologist | 11.23.20

The Power of Partnerships During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Guest: Casdell Singleton, Executive Director, Palmetto CAPS | 11.16.20

Steps You Can Take to Vote While Minimizing Your COVID-19 Risk | Guests: Clay Middleton, Carolyn Leleque, Rev. Rivers | 11.02.20

COVID-19 and Black-Owned Businesses: How Local Churches Are Helping | Guests: Revs. Byron Benton & William Plonk | 10.26.20

COVID-19 Testing Update: Charleston & Berkley Counties | Guest: Anthony Poole, Chief Clinical Officer, Fetter Health | 10.19.20

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Focusing on All Matters of Our Health | Guest: Ashley Conway, breast cancer survivor | 10.12.20

COVID-19: Where Are We Now, and What Else Should We Be Doing? | Guest: Glenn Ellis, medical ethicist & columnist | 10.05.20

Adjusting to a New Home After COVID-19 Forces Changes | Guest: Ann McGill, CBS WCSC Live 5 News Anchor | 09.28.20

The Vital Role Nurses Play in COVID-19 | Guest: Dr. Debbie Chatman, RN, MUSC Nursing Assistant Dean | 09.21.20
"Best Of" COVID-19 Conversations: Holiday Edition | Guest: Garcia Williams, Executive Director, The Medi | 09.07.20

A Conversation with a Gospel Singing Star... and COVID-19 Survivor | Guest: Jarell Smalls, Gospel Star | 08.31.20 

A new COVID-19 Task Force of Community Leaders | Guest: Paula Orr, MD, Charleston Women's Wellness Center | 08.24.20 

The Consequences of COVID-19 Social Isolation | Guest: Helen C. Ballestas, PhD | 08.17.20 

Resources for Those in Need During COVID-19 | Guest: Reshma Khan, MD, Shifa Free Clinic | 08.10.20 

The Use of Technology During COVID-19 | Guest: Tarsha Wheaton, Program Director, Early Head Start | 08.03.20 

Returning to School During COVD-19 | Guest: Erica Taylor, Chief of Staff, Charleston County Schools | 07.27.20 

A Pandemic Specialist on COVID-19 | Guest: Professor Damon L. Fordham, Charleston Southern and The Citadel | 07.20.20 

A Medical Doctor on the COVID-19 Pandemic | Guest: Thaddeus Bell, MD, Founder, Changing the Cap in Health Care | 07.13.20 

COVID-19: The Independence Day Edition | Guest: Garcia Williams, Executive Director, The Medi | 07.06.20

Straight Talk from a COVID-19 Expert | Guest: Dr. Linda Bell, South Carolina State Epidemiologist | 06.29.20

COVID-19: A Disease of Isolation | Guest: Larry Gourdine, Chief Engagement Officer, The Opioid Collaborative | 06.22.20

COVID-19 and the Black Carolinian | Guest: Michael Allen, Historian, S. Carolina African American Heritage Commission | 06.15.20 

COVID-19, Advocacy, and Social Justice | Guest: Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III, Vice President, National Action Network | 06.08.20

COVID-19 and Young Special Needs Children | Guest: Adrienne Troy-Frazier, Director, Berkeley County First Steps | 06.05.20 

COVID-19 Testing Update | Guest: Dr. Sharvette Slaughter, Chief Operating Officer, Fetter Healthcare | 05.25.20

COVID-19 and Health Care Disparities | Guest: Susan Burroughs, Chief Operations Officer, KershawHealth | 05.18.20 

COVID-19 and People of Color | Guest: US Representative James E. Clyburn, US House Majority Whip, US Congress | 05.11.20

COVID-19 and Mental Health | Guest: Jada McCray, LCSW-C, Clinic Director, BTST Services | 05.04.20

COVID-19 and Your Mind and Body | Guest: Dr. Paula Orr, Owner & Physician, Charleston Women's Wellness Center | 04.27.20

COVID-19 and Social Determinants of Health | Guest: Garcia Williams, Executive Director, The Medi | 04.20.20

COVID-19 and Black America | Guest: Glenn Ellis, Medical Ethicist and Syndicated Health Columnist | 04.13.20