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covid-19 and 

Black America

GUEST | Medical ethicist Glenn Ellis

On our April 13, 2020 episode, Glenn shared a few "truths" that few know about, and are specific to African Americans and poor people in the US:

CALL YOUR DOCTOR | For millions of black, brown, and poor people in this country, that is not an option. 

STAY AT HOME | Why home might be one of the least safe places that people of color or poor people can be during the pandemic. 

VULNERABLE POPULATIONS | More than half of black Americans are a vulnerable population!

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GUEST | Nonprofit leader Garcia Williams

On our April 20, 2020 episode, Garcia Williams, executive director of The Medi, shared why the MEDI MONDAYS: Coronavirus Edition show was created.

The show began airing live during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and its associated "Stay at Home" orders in South Carolina. 

Because The Medi is a nonprofit focused on helping communities and individuals who have been affected by the social determinants of health, Garcia welcomed the opportunity to use radio as a new way to help. On April 13, Charleston, SC's WJSNI Gospel Radio began airing MEDI MONDAY'S public conversations with experts about the additional effects of COVID-19 on the poor, black, and brown people of the US.

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covid-19 and 

your mind

GUEST | Medical expert Paula Orr, MD

On our April 27, 2020 episode, Dr. Paula Orr, physician and owner of Charleston Women's Wellness Center, shared her perspectives on wellness and mindfulness during the coronavirus pandemic, including how we can focus on our mind, body, and spirit to encourage ourselves and keep ourselves strong during a pandemic experience today's Americans have never encountered. 

This has never been more needed for those impacted by the social determinants of health. The poor and people of color have financial, health, and many other stresses at the best of times, but during the pandemic many are facing worse as they encounter layoffs and the prospect of friends and family dying of the disease.

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GUEST | Clinic director Jada McCray, LCSW-C

On our May 4, 2020 episode, Jada McCray, executive director of BTST Services, a community-based outpatient mental health clinic in Charleston, SC, shared her perspectives on mental health during the pandemic.

Mental health issues badly affect black Americans, 55% of whom live in the South. Add to that: more than 16% of black Americans had a diagnosable mental health illness in the past year. That's more than 16.8 million Americans... or more than the populations of Chicago, Philadelphia, and Houston combined. Black Americans living below the poverty line are 3 times more likely to report serious psychological distress. And worse, there's a longstanding mental health stigma regarding mental illness among African Americans, preventing many from reaching out for help.

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GUEST | US Rep. James E. Clyburn

On our May 11, 2020 episode, House Majority Whip James Clyburn discussed COVID-19's impact on communities of color, from overall care to availability of testing, to the impact of technology on COVID-19 and its lack of accessibility on people of color, his new role and responsibilities heading the US Representative Oversight Committee on Coronavirus, to what we need to know and do to secure resources during the pandemic, to healthcare fraud and other fraud that has run rampant during the pandemic and victimized African Americans. 

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COVID-19 and health


GUEST | KershawHealth COO Susan Burroughs

On our May 18, 2020 episode, Susan Burroughs, KershawHealth's chief operations officer and the president of the National Association of Health Services Executives' South Carolina chapter, discussed some of KershawHealth's on-the-ground experience as well as the position of the NAHSE on COVID-19... including what it's doing to elevate the quality of healthcare services for minorities and underserved communities, and its plans to advance and develop African American leaders in healthcare.

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