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Your membership supports the chance to make a difference in community programs and advocacy efforts that further our mission to advance the quality and access to healthcare through meaningful collaborations within the Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood. 

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The Medi Community Member

Regularly $50 per year

Coronavirus special $25

Your membership will provide you with:

  • Updates about our programs

  • Relevant and timely information on issues impacting Social Determinants of Health

  • Early registration to The Medi Forums, The Medi Awards and Community Events

  • Community networking and mentoring opportunities

The Medi Solution Host

As a Solution Host Partner, you and or your organization will sponsor our software platform for a community non-profit grass roots organization to have access to the software platform.  Please check the box below to have one of The Medi Team Members reach out to you directly to discuss the process to make a significant contribution towards improving the lives of the citizens of our local and national community in changing health outcomes.

The Medi Mission Difference Maker

Regularly $250 per year Coronavirus special $100

Benefits of membership:

  • Connects you with our speakers bureau, a network of business and health community leaders committed to making a difference in communities.

  • Enhances your own personal growth and provides you with educational and leadership opportunities.

  • Add your voice to advocacy efforts advancing social determinants of health.

  • Recognition as a Mission Difference Maker Member in our Annual Report, website and event journals.

  • Invitations to exclusive events sponsored by The Medi and The Medi Awards


Are You In The Neighborhood?


Are you a partner in the neighborhood?

We are always looking for partnerships to enhance the success of The Medi's Medical Neighborhood Forums. Thank you to all those who have partenered with us in the past, and especially those who continue to do so.

Getting Involved

Community Resource Center

Our technology solutions are designed for providers, public service and advocacy organizations. One of the biggest problems that consumers face is managing their health in the face of behavioral, environmental, and social factor barriers. 


Case managers, social workers and community health workers; spend hours trying to find the right resources to help individuals and families with healthcare and social service needs.
Our applications:

  • Addresses the critical bio-psychosocial gaps that impact health and wellness and wellness outcomes.

  • Are adaptable to any community, wellness and clinical setting. It is easy to implement and easy to scale.

  • Connect members to resources and automate referrals.

  • Allow providers to gain insights into how social determinants are affecting their members' health needs with our advanced analytics.